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'You may have youth on your side, but I've got skills and experience on mine.'

Peace Corps (Volunteers) Turn 51: Baby Boomers & the Changing Face of Volunteering Abroad

Baby boomers are still asking ‘What can I do for my country (and my world)?’ and the answer is, probably a lot more than they could when they were twenty. Peace Corps and Bonnie Lee Black have something in common: age. Peace Corps celebrated its 51st anniversary in March this year; Bonnie was 51 when she closed […]

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Generation X and Volunteerism – nuancing the “hero” status

A couple of days ago I published a graph showing that Gen Xers have increased their rates of volunteerism over the past 5-6 years, while the rates of the Baby Boomers and Millennials decreased. (See full post here.) Being that I am smack in the middle of the Gen X birth range, this was a […]

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Volunteerism and Employment: the surprising relationship

Volunteerism: it’s not a function of spare time! We know that people volunteer when they have both the heart for it and the resources for it, but which resource is more important, time or money? I would have thought that time would be the critical resource. This feels like the case for me anyway – the […]

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The First Principle of Community-Based International Development

Over tea we built trust and became vulnerable together. Slowly, I was given access to insider knowledge of the community and the complex social rules and history that governed it.

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