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The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that’s wrong with the world. – Dr. Paul Farmer

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A Brief Address on Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship involves the ability to navigate across cultures, to communicate and work well with people of other faiths and political beliefs, to build coalitions and work in teams, to listen and engage broadly, to be empathetic, to use peace-building language, to lead from behind through adaptive challenges, to exercise both humility and initiative by crossing […]

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Wag the dog – the perils of fundraising

Originally posted on KM on a dollar a day:
I’ve been reflecting a couple of interesting discussions lately on aid communication and fundraising.  In the first, Kurante organized a Google Hangout on “Poverty Porn” i.e. the use of negative, shocking images in aid campaigns (the recording and the twitter storify of the discussion can be…

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El primer Principio de Desarrollo Internacional Basado en la Comunidad

A pedido voy a publicar de nuevo el articulo Staying for Tea (Quedándose para el Té) como una serie de entradas de blog en seis partes. El artículo fue publicado originalmente en una revista llamada The Global Citizen (El Ciudadano Global). Mientras publico cada sección, las siguientes ligas se activarán: [1:Quedarse para el Té] [2:Importa el […]

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Post tsunami village

A Staying for Tea Story: India 2006

As the depth of my hypocrisy sunk in, I struggled to contain my emotions. “Tell her ‘yes, and I’ll be right back,’” I instructed my translator, as shame deepened the red of my sun-baked ears. Turning to my small entourage of colleagues, I asked them to follow me off the woman’s property back toward the […]

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Not Guatemala, but you know the scene.

Staying for Tea – Conclusion

We should not be paralyzed by the fear of committing errors, but we should be self-conscious and think critically about how we go about serving others.  This is the final post of a 6-part series republishing the original Staying for Tea article from The Global Citizen journal (2005). You can link to the other posts in this series here: [1: Stay for Tea] [2: […]

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Keep it real. People are people. Don't ever look down on the people you serve.

The Fifth Principle of Community-Based International Development

Since you don’t have the power to steer a community, don’t pretend you’re at the helm. Since people with self-respect resist arrogant generosity, make sure to operate at eye-level. Since, unlike us, God does have the power to transform a community, we should be interceding passionately on its behalf.

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The Fourth Principle of Community-Based International Development

If we are the source of all the ideas and plans, if we fear that nothing will get done or improve without us, if we are the motor of initiative, if we are stressed-out that we might fail in our efforts, if we have trouble recognizing the names and faces and stories of those whom we serve, then it’s likely our filter needs replacing.

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Poverty Tourism Taxonomy 2.0 - by Aaron Ausland

Poverty Tourism Taxonomy 2.0

“Poverty tourism” may not mean what you think it means…at all.

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competent engagement?

A Moderate Elitist

Aid Elitism isn’t helpful. We need both competence and humility to do no harm while inviting and coaching new entrants to the field.

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