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Keep it real. People are people. Don't ever look down on the people you serve.

The Fifth Principle of Community-Based International Development

Since you don’t have the power to steer a community, don’t pretend you’re at the helm. Since people with self-respect resist arrogant generosity, make sure to operate at eye-level. Since, unlike us, God does have the power to transform a community, we should be interceding passionately on its behalf. This is the fifth post of […]

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The First Principle of Community-Based International Development

By request I’m republishing the original Staying for Tea article as a 6-part series of blog posts. The article was first published in The Global Citizen in 2005. There will be some minor changes, for example in the new introduction. As I post each section, the following links will become active:[1: Stay for Tea][2: Process […]

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The Future of Voluntourism

One has to wonder where this leaves vulnerable communities. When making a profit drives business decisions over traditional service values like “do no harm” or community agency, one has to be a bit pessimistic about that the impact of the volunteer service.

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